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Freida Pinto: “If you're bothered, change the channel”

July 1, 2015

Ms. Pinto, you burst onto the international stage in 2008 with Slumdog Millionaire and soon afterwards worked with directors like Woody Allen, Julian Schnabel, and Michael Winterbottom. But since 2011 you have only appeared in one feature film. Where’ve you been?

I have been pursuing my passion for telling stories as a producer. And I have to say, it’s very trying because getting an independent film off the ground in today’s day and age is a lot harder than one might think. You might think there’s so much money rolling in from everywhere, but it’s not rolling into the projects you want to make. It’s rolling into the Hunger Games franchise and Transformers. Since 2012 I’ve been quite busy producing two films and a documentary film which is going to launch itself as a campaign for girl’s rights called Girl Rising.

What made you want to

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